Fancy a little coding here and there? A little tech-savy? Want a chance to win from a large prize pool? Well, the MYOB IT Challenge is for you! If you see a future working in Technology, the MYOB IT challenge is the perfect step for you. The MYOB IT Challenge presents an opportunity for students to solve real business problems using IT. Participants compete in groups of 2-4 to prepare a viable IT solution to a real business problem. Finalists will then pitch their ideas to a panel of industry judges. The winning team then has the opportunity to compete in the National MYOB IT Challenge.

Team Size: Two to Four people
Preparation Time: 5 days
Presentation: Ten minutes, followed by ten minutes of Q&A.

All team members must speak at some time during the presentation. No external materials will be allowed into the preparation room. Teams should prepare all slides using PowerPoint, the slides will be shown on the projectors during the presentation.

Case Distributed: Friday 12th May

Kickoff Q&A Session: Monday 15th May

Hand in Proposals: Thursday 18th May

Finals Round Presentations, Awards and Networking: Sunday 21st May

Case Analysis and Presentation Tutorial: TBC

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