Beca Case Challenge 2019

The Beca Case Challenge has a technical focus and is a great opportunity for students to experience leadership and management decisions in the engineering industry. Taking a holistic and inclusive approach to your proposal, this is the perfect chance to put your Systems Thinking skills to the test. Participants will have the chance to win prize money and network with industry leaders.

Teams will be given a short case on an issue faced by a well-known engineering, manufacturing or technology company, and will have 48 hours to research and develop strategic recommendations for the company.

It is recommended that there is one engineering or science student in each team. To enter, you need to be a paid MCC member. You can enter as a team of three/four with your friends or individually, in which case we will put you in a team.

Prize pool of $1500!!

For any enquiries please contact

Team Size: Three/Four people

Preparation Time: 3 days

Presentation: Ten minutes, followed by ten minutes of Q&A.

All team members must speak at some time during the presentation. Teams should prepare all slides using PowerPoint, the slides will be shown on the projectors during the presentation.

Beca Case Challenge Tutorial: 6 PM Thursday 19 April in 206-315 (Arts 1)

Case Tutorial: Thursday 9 May


Case release: Wednesday 8 May (Evening)

Presentations, Finals and Networking: Sunday 12 May