Deloitte First Timers' Case Competition 2018

The Deloitte First Timers’ Case Competition gives students the opportunity to analyse a business and consult management on the best strategy for the organisation. Participating students will gain analysis, presentation and team-work skills.

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Team Size: Four people
Preparation Time: Three hours
Presentation: Ten minutes, followed by ten minutes of Q&A.

All team members must speak at some time during the presentation. No external materials will be allowed into the preparation room. Teams prepare slides on paper and use the document camera to present.

Semester 2 (First Week – Mid-Semester Break)

Competition Kick-Off: Tuesday, 28th August (Don’t miss this)
Preliminary Rounds: Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th August
Semi-Finals: Friday, 31st August
Finals: Saturday, 1st September

Date: Tuesday, 28th August

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All competitors are encouraged to visit the resources section of our website for in-depth tutorials on the different aspects of cracking a case.

Please see the resources section of our website for tutorial slides, presentation slides and videos from representative teams.

Practice cases will be available for your team to view prior to the competition. We will email when these are available to be collected. All practice cases must be returned before you can compete and there is a maximum of one case on per team available for loan at any time.