Common questions pre-answered to help you understand more about this competition.

If you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact us via cmc.markets@uoamcc.co.nz
Who can enter this competition?

This competition is open to all current university students throughout New Zealand.

Do I need to know about Finance to enter this competition?

No, this competition is available to students from all backgrounds. We will be holding tutorials to teach you more about financial products and trading strategies. These tutorials will be available online under the Resources tab. CMC also has a number of online educational videos which will help you learn more. It is a great opportunity to learn more about investing and trading!

Is there a cost to entering this competition?

This competition cost $10 per team to enter for teams from the University of Auckland and $20 for teams from all other Universities. To make your payment once you have registered, please visit this page.

How much time does this competition take?

This competition is run through an online platform so you can trade as much or as little as you want at your convenience. Some teams may trade very frequently and some may only put on a few trading throughout the whole competition, it is up to you.

How does my team win the competition?

To win the competition, your team must gain the highest return over the duration of the competition.

What products can we trade during the competition?

You can trade any product available on the CMC Markets platform in the form of CFDs (contracts for difference). This includes equity, currency, commodity and fixed income products. For more information, check out the CMC Markets website.

How much money do we get to trade?

Your account will begin with $10,000 of virtual money. However, you can place much larger trades using the leverage tools built into the CMC Markets platform. You cannot alter the amount of funds in your account as it is against the competition rules.

What happens if my account reaches zero dollars?

If you are unlucky enough to lose all your funds, then the competition is over for you team, so trade wisely! However, if this occurs within the first 7 days, you have the option of paying $10 to reset your account to $10,000 so you can begin trading again. This option is to help out teams which were a bit unlucky in their first few trades.

Who were the winners last year and what were their ROI's?
No. Team Name University Account Value ROI
1 STATSBOYS University of Auckland $400,000.64 700
2 Tokyo Street University of Auckland $229,578.98 359.16
3 Losing Interest University of Auckland $183,642.91 267.29