Icebreaker Night

It was great to have over 150 members attend Icebreaker night on Wednesday. The room was alive with energy and conversation as everyone found their groups for the night. Groups had to complete a number of challenges. Firstly, they had to introduce themselves finding commonalities across the members, such every member having a non NZ passport. The second challenge was then to rank an assortment of costs from lowest to highest. This was a finance brain teaser, however, everyone easily guessed that the Bank of America bailout was the highest cost, a whopping $110 Billion!

It was then time for a bit of learning in the form of a case, but not just any case it was a little crazy. The Dean had recognised that students are getting bored between lectures and this was affecting their performance in class. The student groups had 20 minutes to crack this Crazy Case. This meant, like any other case, students need to understand the key issue, brainstorm and develop a strategy, a financial plan and work out the steps needed to implement that strategy. After 20 minutes teams had the opportunity to present their solution.

The groups had come up with some elaborate ideas with two teams wanting to start ‘Fight Club’ at The University of Auckland, pitting student off against each other as part of course work requirements. Two other groups decided the answer was turning Uni into a theme park with a water slide to class and a canon to shot you from the science building to OGGB. One park was financed through cutting AUT’s funding while getting AUT students work as park employees. The other was financed through a new University Casino.

Overall it was a fun night and hopefully you now have a slightly better understanding of what a case is all about. Also well done for demolishing another $500 worth of pizza, I think a few students ate their membership fee for the years to come. Please check out the photos from the night.

Entries are now open for Sustainability Comp, Engineering, Deloitte First Years and Open Case. Hopefully you may have now found your team members and can enter. If not, do not fret! You can enter as an individual and will we put you into a team.