Valuation Competition Wrap Up

After 3 days of researching and analysing the case company Fletcher Building coming up with a valuation the first team Buynomial Aggression arrived at 9am. This team was super dedicated, offering to present before the earliest scheduled time due to the fact that one of the two members had Devo commitments on the same day. Subsequently seven other teams presented up until 12pm at which point the judges got a well desired break. After coming back from lunch at Shaky Isles at 12:45pm things were up and running again. The final two teams both presented at 1pm. After the two presentations the judges had half an hour to decide which two teams from their room would proceed to the final round. Overall, the preliminary presentations were great with many student learning new techniques and skills specifically for the competition as they are not specifically taught in stage 1 and 2 business courses. Teams constructed well thought out presentations, built on concrete research into Fletcher’s history and future prospects in order to evaluate the company

At 2:30pm all the teams assembled in Decima Glenn to receive feedback and waited for the announcement of the results. It was a tough decision on behalf of the judges. The two teams that moved on from the Decima Glenn group were Alpha and MCC Escher. The two teams that moved on from the Case Room 2 group were Money Never Sleeps and +EV.

After a break the team were representing their valuation in the finals. The quality of the presentations and content in the presentations were outstanding. The audience was impressed and the judges had a good time. Finals presentations concluded at 6:50pm. The audience made then their way out of the room as the judges discussed their decision on the results. Before the announcement of the results everyone enjoyed some nibbles and drinks. Surprisingly the order of presentation was in fact the order that the teams were placed. In first place was +EV, second was MCC Escher, third was Money Never Sleeps and fourth was Alpha.

Thank you to our industry judges Robert Hou, Shing Zhu and Brett Sceats who came to support the competition. And we hope all participants found it a valuable experience.