Semester 2 2016 Internal Case Competitions Wrap Up

The mid semester break saw over 150 people teams taking part in MCC’s Deloitte Open Case Competitions, Deloitte First Timers Case Competition and the Deloitte Post Graduate Case Competition.

The week kicked into gear with a coaching day and practice cases running simultaneously on Monday. At the coaching day the education team ran competitors through the example case of Piako a gourmet yoghurt producer. Over 50 students attending to learn more about case cracking through giving it a go, the business school even shared our photo celebrating the fact so many students would give up their first day of their holiday to further support their studies.

The competition heats took place over 3 days with a variety of challenging cases spanning multiple industries and business models. Teams had 3 hours to analyse the case before coming up with a strategy to present to judges for 10 minutes followed by 10 minutes of question and answer. Over the week we saw teams experiencing a range of emotions, from excitement in cracking the case through to nervousness as they responded to the judge’s questions.

The calibre of teams this year has been extremely high with judge’s finding it very difficult to determine who out of each round would make it through to the semifinals.

Friday was where the competition kicked up a gear with 8 teams in each competition battling it out in the semifinal with four teams moving on to Sunday’s finals. These teams were now locked in a fierce competition to take home the trophies and cash on offer. They presented their proposed strategies and insights in front of Deloitte and Business School Case Programme alumni judges. After which they nervously waited for the announcement of results that occurred during the networking function. The winners were…

  • Deloitte Open Case Competition Champions: Team Individuals 4 consisting of Stephanie Liga, Rohan Naik, Anshula Atre, and Amy Davies
  • Deloitte First Years Case Competition Champions: To Be Confirmed consisting of Ian Lim, Julia Wiener, Anna Hitchcock, Ihtishaam Muhammed
  • Post Graduate Case Competition: Dollar$ and Ballerz consisting of Harriet Lambert, Alex Davidson, Ronal Prasad, and Jack Manning

Congratulations goes to the winners the finalists, and everyone who participated throughout the week.

This event could have taken place without the support and generous sponsorship of Deloitte, the judges who generously gave up their time, and support from business school staff (that means you Olivia!). We also appreciate all the members of the UoA Case Programme who gave up their time to assist during the week.

Signing off for the year,
– Internal Case Competition Committee